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"Radhika is a compassionate, thoughtful, and effective facilitator. I have had the pleasure of being in two of her Family Constellation workshops. It's amazing the way the group comes together under her leadership. Some people share their stories, others may act as representatives, some observe. Everyone benefits from the healing that comes through. Brilliant!"

Heather Brinkmeyer, C-IAYT (Texas)

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"Radhika's facilitating of Family Constellations work is so gently powerful, insightful, and caring. She holds this healing space with such presence - and her intuitive guidance has allowed me to experience for myself and see in others deep profound healing. I'm so grateful for her skill."


Kiera C. (Medford, Oregon, USA)

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"Constellations and Radhika are synonymous to me!


She is the most amazing facilitator of this process and does it seamlessly. We all believe in something and what this does is shift things for us subconsciously where it isn’t always easy to reach. The unreal similarity of your life and the matrix and field in which we find ourselves is unparalleled to any modality I have ever experienced. Thank you for being you!" 


Niral Radia (Oman)

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"My first experience of Family Constellation work, led by Radhika, felt incredibly safe. The impact was almost immediate, of seeing my family represented by others, realizing the intensity of what I lived with, and hearing useful, profound things spoken by them and felt by them. I will be processing it all for some time and am now very excited about this modality as it fits my experience of this life."

Wendy Andrews (Australia)

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"I have been a part of four family constellation workshops with Radhika and have been amazed and blessed to experience the shift that it has created in my life. Radhika ma'am has been an excellent facilitator. I feel so blessed to have connected with her and every member over the workshops who have helped me"

Bhavana- Mental Health Professional (Kolkata, India)

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"I have attended 2 sessions with Radhika, one a few years back and another just last month. It was a magical experience for me. The family scene enacted in front of me was exactly as it was in my family, and I got my answers that very night after the workshop. I just wanted to say that you all must give it a try as it will surely solve your issues. I am ready to do another one with her "


Ritu Bakshi (Gurgaon, India)

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"My name is Rekhaa  Chopra and I am a numerologist by profession. I was introduced to Family Constellation, six years ago by a very dear friend of mine, Radhika Mansata. 

For many of you who are new to this, Family constellation is an external manifestation of an internal process.This modality helped me bring about changes in some of the old patterns in my life that I was unable to shift otherwise. 

It enabled me to work on my relationships within my family in a more practical manner. It is amazing to see how much one can resolve in one's life with this methodology, having the right facilitator by your side.

Until now I have attended 5+ sessions with you Radhika and I would like to thank you for these impeccable experiences. I couldn’t have asked for a better facilitator thank you for the same.

I am looking forward to being a part of many more such sessions facilitated by you in the future."


Rekhaa  Chopra  (India)

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"The work of Family Constellation is powerful. I had no idea what to expect when I arrived but knew that the friend that recommended it to me was amazing so this work had to be amazing. She was right. I felt so welcomed when I arrived and comfortable the entire time. 

I also recognized many things that fit my own truth. I feel it brought more awareness to my own issues as well as family issues. Thank you, Radhika for creating a safe space and facilitating the process in a way that supported everyone there.I recommend this work all the time for those wanting a different tool towards healing. "


Zena Chhatwal (Bangalore, India)

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"Radhika is a friend, colleague, and my training buddy for many years now. I attended few family constellation training workshops with her when we both were learning. It has been a joy to see her grow as a Family Constellation facilitator over the years. Her recent works display her maturity as a facilitator and a therapist.


She approaches the knowing field with great humility and yet with no fear. She holds the space delicately without any impositions allowing the flow, yet she is swift and decisive to facilitate a movement.

Her interactions with her clients are respectful, full of compassion but firm enough when needed. Over the years she has developed her own vocabulary and her stance in the field is full of grace and poise. I have great respect for the work she is doing and I look forward to participating in her workshops"


Shong, NHS Doctor Working on Mental Health  (UK)

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"Radhika Mansata leads her Family Constellations events with just the right balance of gentleness and firmness. Thanks to her compassionate handling of delicate issues we see hope arising and participants' lives turned around. She conveys her deep understanding of the modality. That understanding, along with her love and respect for the individuals attending, creates a strong and safe container. We treasure her intuitive, skillful facilitation."


Raina Img - Shamanic Healer (USA)

"First, let me thank you for the wonderful session. This was my first constellation therapy, and I didn’t know what to expect. It amazed me to find parts of myself in everyone else’s healing. The reactions of my representatives were so accurate to mine. The answers to my fears that I’ve been carrying in my relationship with my daughter were answered, and that has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I feel calm today with no anxiety at all. I’m much more positive and there is a sense of clarity. Thank you for creating this safe space for us and your guidance"


Saguna (Bangalore, India)

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"I have attended three family constellation workshops with Radhika. It is an amazing process. It feels like a way to co-create the unity that exists between all humans and experience a sense of oneness and deep compassion for others. Many different kinds of people come together with the same intentions of healing. Radhika creates a safe container for us to be vulnerable, release judgment of ourselves and each other, share our stories and receive healing. She keeps her talk of the constellation process simple, focusing rather on us having the experience, and her patience and intuition have been marvelous to witness. I have discovered my own story in the stories of others every time. It is a fascinating healing modality that has had deep effects for me."


Tracy (Portland, Oregon, USA)

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