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Family Constellation is a powerful therapeutic modality based on the work of a German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. The main principle of this technique is that we all follow unconscious patterns in our lives which we are unaware of and do not understand. We inherit these patterns from our immediate families and also through generations. These patterns are often the cause of some unresolved issues over different aspects of our life. Personal, professional, emotional, and physical. The new science of epigenetics also supports this work. It has been proven that you don’t just inherit biological genes from your families (e.g. the shape of your mother's face or the color of your grandfather's eyes.) You can also inherit their trauma and emotions and not be aware of it.

Indicators for Inherited Family Trauma

  • Persistent issues even after years of healing work 

  • Unexplained sadness, loneliness, fear, or depression 

  • Failed relationships or self-destructive behavior 

  • Unresolved grief, chronic illness, or an unsuccessful career

  • Stress, anxiety, anger, or addiction


This work is in the format of an experiential group workshop or individual counselling.

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Radhika also offers cognitive counselling sessions, using Narrative and Solution-Focused therapy. She works with any issue that is causing stress, anxiety, behavioral problems, anger, or any other undesired emotional and mental state.


 She uses the following approaches to bring the client towards wellness

  • Resourcing them to use their strengths

  • Getting them to believe in their potency and uniqueness

  • Allowing them to discover their unique ability to heal

  • Guiding them with methods to live with joy and contentment


These are individual one-on-one sessions.

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Radhika is also well versed in several energetic healing techniques. She works with all these modalities to clear and balance energies in the areas of emotional, physical, and mental disturbance

  • Past life regression

  • Chakra cleansing

  • Tarot reading 

  • Dousing

  • Prayer and Meditation

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)


Sessions can be individual or in groups.

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Radhika’s years of experience as an Interior Designer and her current role as a Therapist has made her very sensitive to the energy of spaces. She applies the emerging discipline and science of neuroaesthetics to her work.She styles homes and environments that allow you to harmonize your inner and outer world.

  • How can your space contribute to your life and living?

  • How do you contribute to it?

  • How do you honour it?

  • And  how does it turn honour you? 

With these and many more questions, discussions, and discovering solutions ;she creates a space that contributes to your wellbeing and thriving.

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